Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Ascencion steam day at VSM

Earlier this summer, when the sun was shining, a steam train party was on at the VSM in Beekbergen.
We took the steam train to Loenen and enjoyed some ice creams and other refreshments. It was a steaming hot day and we were glad that some else shoveled the coals in the kettle.
Back in Beekbergen we were even thirstier.
Near the end of this hot day the visitors went home, so this gave us a great opportunity to make a panorama picture of the yard.
A great summer day to make it short, with some good looking diesel engines as well.

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Maria Flores said...

This classic train is a total delight. It's very fortunate for kids of this generation to avail a preserve classic train such as this!

Thanks for sharing and hope you have enjoyed your trip!